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Saturday 20 October 2018

Nambour Heritage Soundtrail

Walking Tour

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Walk the streets of Nambour and step back in time as you take in a snapshot of the area’s rich historical landscape. Touching on major events that helped build the wellknown character of Nambour such as early European settlement and the sugar cane industry, you will gain an insight into the past, and how it has shaped the present.

The Nambour Soundtrail is a GPS activated, audio story trail that features 18 stories of Nambour told by locals including Bob Collins, June Upton, Brent Miller, Lyndon Davis and many more. The trail is narrated by Powderfinger’s John Coghill and has a cool soundtrack from musicians Lee Hardisty and Leon Tussy. Visit significant sites in Nambour such as Collins Café, Vogue Cinema, BCC Supermarkets, C-Square and Bayards and learn about the history of the town.

The trail is experienced as a walking tour of Nambour, however, the trail can also be accessed from your desktop computer. The project is jointly funded by the Heritage Levy and Nambour Activation Plan. This will be the first 'Soundtrails' experience in Queensland (there are already a number of them in NSW).

Simply download the app (via the App Store or Google Play) onto your smart phone or iPad, see yourself on a GPS map and walk freely in and out of sound fields.




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