Sunshine Coast Open House is a free public event that celebrates the region’s architecture and offers behind-the-scenes access to some of the Coast’s iconic buildings.
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19 & 20 October 2019

Considered Design and Resourceful Living − Exhibition, Talks and Workshops

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Come and explore, be inspired and get informed at the Considered Design and Resourceful Living Exhibition at the Old Ambo.



  • Conceptual designs — Living Futures, Nambour
  • Contributing local artists including:
    • Susan Schmidt - "Seaburbia", Arcylic and Oil paintings
    • John Waldron - "Significance", 3D printed buildings and digital images
    • Thom Stuart and Pam Walpole - Sunshine Coast Open House 2017 and 2018 artworks
  • Solar horizons — Sunshine Coast Solar Farm images, live data, and interactive energy exhibits and resources
  • The room that breathes, plant life balance: installation
  • Tales of relocatable homes: a visual diary by Jo Case
  • Celebrating inspired design on the Sunshine Coast: photographic info panels


Exploring Renewables + Energy Efficiency + Energy Storage - Wed 24 Oct // 5pm-7pm (BOOK HERE)

  • How to choose the right renewable system
  • Solar and energy saving hacks for households — to save you time and money
  • Going off the grid — exploring systems and solutions for solar power and storage


Drinks and Disruption - Rethinking Housing - when bigger isn't better - Thu 25 Oct // 6pm-8.15pm (BOOK HERE)

  • Hear from Nick Bishop, a Sustainable Design Engineer from NBE Consulting who was the sustainability consultant on the leading-edge, recently completed Nightingale 1.0 project in Brunswick, Melbourne, delivered by Breathe Architecture. The Nightingale project broke new ground in reconsidering every aspect of the design, development and financing of the multi-residential developments to deliver highly affordable and sustainable apartments that foster community connection amongst residents.
  • Jimmy Hirst from Polkadot Homes has spent the last few years of his life travelling the world exploring Eco Villages and the Tiny Homes movement, hear his story and find out what is happening here in the Sunshine Coast.


Considered Design Talk Series - Sat 27 Oct // 10am-3pm (BOOK HERE)

  • 10. 00 am - Buildings for the Sunshine Coast - climate and lifestyle, presenter Liza Neil                                             
  • 11. 30 am - Building a project home - how to get the best results, presenter Chris Klar
  • 1.00 pm - The Carbon neutral home project – embarking on a building project with a light footprint, presenter Annie Nolan
  • 2.00 pm - The  Minimalist  Home – the relationship between design and lifestyle, presenter Carly Willoughby-Rolls
  • 2.45 pm - Plant  Life  Balance — greening our interiors for wellbeing and beauty, the science and ‘how to’.


Top: Official opening of the Q.A.T.B. Station in Howard Street, Nambour, 23 August 1958. Picture Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Libraries.
Right: Hibiscus Break by Susan Schmidt, 130x105cm, mixed media.


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