Sunshine Coast Open House is the region’s largest public architecture and design festival with behind-the-scenes tours and special experiences.
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22 & 23 October 2022

Artist | Yanni van Zijl

Prominent Sunshine Coast artist Yanni van Zijl has created a thought-provoking and mesmerising artwork for Sunshine Coast Open House 2021, inspired by the spatial qualities of design and our built environment’s response to climate.

Yanni’s artwork is printed on the Sunshine Coast Open House 2021 tote bag. You can secure one of these limited-edition tote bags by signing up as a volunteer for this year’s event. To volunteer please click here.

Yanni is a professionally trained photographer who took two years off to study a Diploma of Fine Art. Here she enjoyed the exploration of other creative mediums. She is currently enjoying 3D work, particularly ephemeral and environmental installations as well as continuing her exploration of form in ceramics.

Most recently she has added performance art and film into her growing skill set. Her work is often a comment or statement about the environment and her aim is that the work arouses discussion and awareness about the issues she chooses to highlight.



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