Sunshine Coast Open House is a free public event that celebrates the region’s architecture and offers behind-the-scenes access to some of the Coast’s iconic buildings.
FREE Event
Saturday 20 October 2018


In our inaugural year, we are delighted to be working with talented Sunshine Coast artist Thom Stuart.

Thom has created a special artwork for Sunshine Coast Open House 2017 which represents subtropical design on the coast.

TS LogoThom is a painter and printmaker, whose work draws heavily on the artist’s experience surrounded by both natural and urban environments.

With an established practice in both the studio and street, his work is entrenched in the visuals of his youth, including graffiti culture, surfing iconography and musical sub cultures such punk and hip-hop.

Whether large or small, Thom’s work always aims to bring a joyful mash-up of colour and form of visual delight.

Thom’s beautiful artwork is printed on the Sunshine Coast Open House 2017 tote bag. You can secure one of these limited edition tote bags by signing up as a volunteer for this year’s event.

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Open House Sunshine Coast Painting


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